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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Purple Watercolor Nails

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are having a good day!  Last night I tried doing a sunset scene with a watercolor feel to it.  It definitely looks prettier in person.  It's a very soft look. I used a brush and layered color.

I started with China Glaze LOL, then IDK. I put some Midnight Ride as a highlight for lines.  I then used Sally Hansen Silver Lining to highlight.  And finally, used Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure for the sun.  Here's the Youtube tutorial link

Here's outside.
Have a great day!   Don't forget to vote for me at  That contest initially said she was thinking of bunnys, chocolate and sweet.  That is why I did the bunnies.  I'm also waiting to see how I did in the Beautopia contest  There are lots of beautiful designs.  Take a look!  And, don't forget my contest


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