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Sunday, May 30, 2010

My first Zoya haul!

So, I went back to my store and they did have their Zoya display up. I have never used it so I really was excited.  They sell for 3.50....yes awesome right?  And since I brought more than 10, they were 3.40 a bottle (still way better than buying full retail).  My husband is standing behind me asking where his shout it is for getting me all these polishes.  So, here is your shout out honey!  Thanks Boo!

Here are the colors I brought (they don't match the pictures....sorry).
Ruby, Snowsicle, Mimi, Blyss, Alegra, Kaufda, Ivanka, Sydney, Jade, Kotori, Tangy, Kalista, Tart, Irene, Tallulah, Isla, Ki, Savita, South Beach, Richelle


  1. Amazing haul and what a great price!! I just started using Zoya (got some through their polish exchange) and so far I really like them.

  2. NICE!!!! My wishlist just grew longer.

  3. 3.50?? You have to tell me email me and tell me where this place is, is it in Southern California?

    Zoya is a very nice brand, enjoy!