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Sunday, May 30, 2010

My first Zoya haul!

So, I went back to my store and they did have their Zoya display up. I have never used it so I really was excited.  They sell for 3.50....yes awesome right?  And since I brought more than 10, they were 3.40 a bottle (still way better than buying full retail).  My husband is standing behind me asking where his shout it is for getting me all these polishes.  So, here is your shout out honey!  Thanks Boo!

Here are the colors I brought (they don't match the pictures....sorry).
Ruby, Snowsicle, Mimi, Blyss, Alegra, Kaufda, Ivanka, Sydney, Jade, Kotori, Tangy, Kalista, Tart, Irene, Tallulah, Isla, Ki, Savita, South Beach, Richelle

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Scooby Doo....Where are you?

Hi!  I bought some new brushes and some better quality paint and it made all the difference in the world.  Who knew!  The base color is China Glaze Frostbite. So, here is scooby....enjoy!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dragging method to create Marble look + Naked Nails

Hi everyone,  hope you have had a lovely weekend!!

I wanted to try dragging.  Actually it's the same general technique that I use to make my mosaic christmas ornaments. I use dragging, and what I call cross hatching as well as a brushed look.  You can see them on my website which is linked on the sidebar if you're interested.

Anyhoo, first, here is my naked nails. I just started a new strengthener and conditioner to help with my peeling will let you know in a few months if it works.

Instead of just dragging across with a straight line, I used curvy lines and sometimes cross hatching.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Winner of Giveaway

Hi everyone,

I have just drawn the winner from  The lucky winner is Fay H.

Congratulations Fay and enjoy your prizes.

I'll try to do another giveaway next month or July at the latest. I have something in mind that I know you will all enjoy. Have a wonderful Saturday!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Giveaway Ends 5/21 + abstract mani

Hi,just a reminder that the giveaway ends 11:59 PM 5/21 PST.  I've added this since I reached 150:

I had an extra China glaze Ink nail art sticker set, so I thought I'd throw it in.  Go here for the giveaway form.

It's been a crazy week.  My husband's mother passed away on Tuesday.  So, been very busy.  I took a break last night and did my nails. It's nice to have something to take your mind off of things for a little bit.  Here's what I came up with.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Ok, I played around with my reds.  Wow, I didn't realize how difficult it was to take pictures and capture the color. I did this last night and had to wait until morning to go outside in order to get a better picture. I still don't think they completely do it justice.

From the Left, China Glaze Ruby Pumps.  Then, Cm nail art Blood Red.  And finally, on the right, I used Essie Bungle Jungle (started with slanted french mani with this color) then drew the lines with China Glaze black ink (love that brush!).

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mini Haul & Stuff

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Well....I went shopping again.  The place I found where I get China Glaze for 2.75, prices went up a bit for OPI (now 4.00) and Orly (now 4.00).  But, thank God CG is not going up.  Essie is 3.00. And they are getting Zoya polish.  I can't wait.  I'm guessing they will be 4.00, but I'll have to wait and see.  I don't have any Zoya, so I'm excited that I will be able to get some.  Usually, they further discount if you buy more (for example CG is 2.50 a bottle if you buy 10 or more).  I had to get another polish storage thingy.  I'm so out of control. I never pick up a really cheap hobby....  But, this time, it was my hubby's decision to go shopping and I just couldn't say no.  I realized I had no true reds, so I picked up a few.

Ridiculous that the 2nd one is almost already full.  You do have to consider that I just started this nail polish craze in January of this year.  So, it's even more insane.  Oh well.  I broke my thumb nail of course so I'm off to salvage what I can.  Try to have a good Monday!.

P.S. The Giveaway is almost over.  I noticed I got past 125 followers.  So, Hidden Treasure is now in the game plan.  If I get to 150 by Friday, then I'll throw in some nail stickers too.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Interesting Color Bleed

So, I was gonna do this one design and accidentally a nice thing happened.   I used a base of OPI Curve-acecus, then used lines of Essie Shift Power and China Glaze Lubu Heels.  As a finish, used a gold glitter and of course, Seche Vite.

It's easier to see than explain, so I've included the YouTube tutorial in the post.  Have a happy Saturday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Smart Nails Test

Hi everyone!  What a week!  Anyhoo, I was testing out my smart nails I won from BlackNailPolishandLipGloss
I chose that design and added them to my french mani which is China Glaze Make and Entrance (base).  While it's wet, painted in many lines of  Go Go Pink.  And then covered that with Golden Enchantment.

Smart Nails are stencils they stick on and you can use them more than once. I actually used one on my thumb and the 2nd stencil on the rest.  I did gently wipe away polish with remover in between. I purposely used different colors so I had to do that to see how the stencil would hold up.  And it did pretty well.  If you want to see what Smart Nails has to offer check them out here
Just go easy with the polish remover.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Eternal Flame?

Well, this mani didn't start out to be this way.  I initially saw this painting online and it had all these colors, orange, red, a dark blue, yellow, and white.  It had wavy lines all blended together.  I thought, that is cute let me see what I can do with it.  But, when I actually put it on the nail and started to blend different colors, it ended up looking like flames. I thought the full flames were a bit much for me so I alternated. I honestly didn't like it alot but the husband loved it so I kept working with it.  It's growing on me.

I used base China Glaze Style wars.  Then Lemon Fix, Drive in, Sally Hanson Navy Baby, and Ruby Pumps over the Navy Baby.  And of course, Seche Vite over all of it.  I did put Hidden Treasure over the pinky nail cause that is what I did first, but you couldn't really tell, so I left it off the remaining nails. Let me know what you think!  Enjoy your Sunday :).  Happy Mother's Day for all you moms out there!  Hope you are getting very spoiled!

I also won 3rd place in the Beautopia nail art contest for my Spongebob nails. 
Congrats to all the other winners.
Don't forget about my giveaway.  There is not a lot of entries right now.  Click on it in my contest section.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Purple Watercolor Nails

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are having a good day!  Last night I tried doing a sunset scene with a watercolor feel to it.  It definitely looks prettier in person.  It's a very soft look. I used a brush and layered color.

I started with China Glaze LOL, then IDK. I put some Midnight Ride as a highlight for lines.  I then used Sally Hansen Silver Lining to highlight.  And finally, used Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure for the sun.  Here's the Youtube tutorial link

Here's outside.
Have a great day!   Don't forget to vote for me at  That contest initially said she was thinking of bunnys, chocolate and sweet.  That is why I did the bunnies.  I'm also waiting to see how I did in the Beautopia contest  There are lots of beautiful designs.  Take a look!  And, don't forget my contest