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Friday, August 20, 2010

Vacay Mani #1

Hi everyone! I'm still on vacation. I had to do my nails so I went with something more simple.  I didn't bring a lot of polish with me. This was a sinful colors mini polish.

Okay, I'm going back down to our family shorehouse near Seaside Heights today (no I have not run into Snookie).  Take care will post my 2nd mani on Monday probably and then Tuesday I'm traveling back to Cali.


  1. Thats a pretty color and I love the little rhinestone accents.

  2. very pretty vacation mani. is Snookie the reality TV star, lol? please post pics if you do :)

  3. ooh. i like this style..!

    snookie is there..oh man..why are these people famous.. it's not cool to drink and be gross.. omg.. i feel sorry for the world.

  4. Lol pretty, yeah she is sloppy. My step daughter drove past the house, but no sightings....