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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sponged Holo

Hi everybody!  Hope you are having a lovely Saturday.  It's beautiful in the San Francisco area!  I decided to try sponging the polish on with using all holo polishes (except base).  I have seen other bloggers do the sponge and always wanted to try it.  I used a piece of a kitchen sponge not a beauty sponge.  I also did my first tutorial on my new you tube channel.  Check it out.

Base - CG Midnight Ride (dark purple)
1st - OPI DS original
2nd - CG BFF
3rd - CG QT
4th - OPI DS Sapphire

This is indoors

I also did them on fake nails for a contest:

Let me know what you think and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love that technique and your color choices. They are fabulous!!!! Enjoy your sunshine, we have rain, but we need it so it makes me happy :)

  2. You have great color placement and an eye catching palette of shades! <3

  3. Lacquer - we just got rid of the rain although i think it's coming back by midweek. We need it too actually.

    Paintedlady - Thanks so much!

  4. i loooove!!!!
    i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want !!

  5. thank you for the comment and i like ur designs. check out my youtube channel and u will see a couple of things of videos. the whole tutorial thing is very time consuming and to edit them can be a little fustrating at times but it is a very good idea to do. you should do it its getting me alot of exposure. it will be great for u.

  6. Love the sponging technique. Great color combination also.

  7. Oh, never mind, I just saw that you're in the San Fran area. I'd still appreciate an address for the place in your haul post if you don't mind. I'm going to be in the area in September =)