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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ok, I finally tried the water marble technique

So, Sally had a sale on China Glaze (2 for 10.00), so I brought Make an Entrance (Pink) and Spontaneous (Purple).

I didn't have a papercup like Colette does from Simple Little Pleasure's blog (see links under nail blogs).  I used something a bit smaller.  But, next time I try will definitely get a dixie cup type thing.  I think it will be a bit easier for me.

Over all though, I think I did a decent job for a first timer.  Let me know what you think.  I promise on the next one the pictures will be better and I'll try lighter colors!

Ok, I tried a second time.  Instead of taping off, I just left my hand in the water and used a Q-tip to wipe off any excess polish. It worked pretty well.  It was definitely faster.  I used China Glaze spontaneous and first kiss.



  1. this is pretty.. oh..IM a follower now...xoxo

  2. Pretty unique. Just found your blog and will follow.

  3. I think this looks great. I haven't tried water marbling yet, still trying to work up the nerve! :P

  4. It was a bit intimidating. That is why I started out with darker colors to hide mistakes lol. I like just using the q-tip better than the taping. Try it on one finger to get the hang of it. But, the second time it went much faster. You just have to make sure you stick to the same design each time if you want them to look similar.

  5. good job! i never tape off either, i always find it easier to clean with a qtip as i go :) I need to do this technique again soon.