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Friday, March 5, 2010

My first attempts at nail art

As promised,  here are some of my original attempts in January.  Some are a little sloppy.  So, forgive me. But, I had to start somewhere.  At least you can see from my more recent attempts that I learn fast lol.

This is my 1st Konad.

This is using black matte over regular black polish.  Eh....keeping the matte part up was horrible.  Every time I washed my hands, the matte just looked really bad. I had to refresh it a few times.

These stickers just were really difficult to deal with.  I didn't like how you could still see some of the adhesive material.  Just not a great experience. I added some gold flecks to a few nails.  But, probably won't use those stickers again.

I tried using the shells from my Cina collection.  It was cute actually.  I liked it.

This was eh.  I don't really like the China Glaze base color.  I think I would have preferred a more clear blushy color.

Excuse the sloppiness.  This one was a bit gloppy.  But, it's alright. Just sloppy.

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