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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Still feeling Abstract


I just felt like being a little festive today.  I wanted something to brighten me up and remind of fun spring colors.  So, I used my OMG China Glaze Holo's.  They look really cool in sunlight.  They are okay.  Let me know what you think.


P.S.  Had a comment that this looked like it was really hard to do.  I wanted to let you know it was pretty easy actual.  I used the Born Pretty Nail art (with the tiny metal side and the other side is a brush). It's so easy to draw with that.  I just drew the lines and used a brush to fill it in.  I also used that nail art polish to do the dots. It went rather quickly even on my other hand!  Maybe I'll do a little video. I did take some pictures of the polish before I filled it in.  Will try to get it up on my youtube on Wed night!


  1. This is so fun!
    But this mani looks like is was a pain to do with all the detail you put into it ^_^
    -great job!

  2. Hi Forever, it was sooooo easy. Seriously, I just drew the circles and filled it in with polish. I used the born pretty nail art bottles I got (with the little metal tube on one end) to draw. I used that to dot as well. So, really, it was fast.

  3. This seems like it would have been really time consuming, lol. Really nice though! Love the colours.

  4. This is great !
    I'd really like to try that ... I believe you when you say it's not that hard, but I just can't draw circles with a brush :D I need more practise :)

  5. Hi Gwenn, It's hard for me to draw the circles with a brush too. But, using the nail art polish I'm using, really makes it easier. You just squeeze the bottle and direct the polish. I love it! And they are really cheap at Born Pretty (see sidebar).