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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yellow mani


My hubby brought a stomach virus home so it hit me last Wednesday hard (I am keeping track for judicial purposes). I've been down for the count.  So, I threw together a mani this afternoon. It looks better on my hand then I could capture in pictures. It was hard to capture the copper shimmer.  But, my computer is still down so I only have Paint to try to crop etc.  I used Barielle Aura Angora (my first time using Barielle - a bit watery for my tastes), nail art striper and CND Copper Shimmer on the natural nail and right around the other side of the striper line to give it a bit of shimmer.  Here ya go.


  1. I like the copper shimmer it's very pretty

  2. I like them ;)

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    xoxo ;*

  3. I hope you and your hubby feel better =(