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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Un Valentine's Day Manicures

Decided to do some Un Valentine's Day manicures. Although, apparently on my youtube channel most are upset and think it's disgusting that I would do such a thing.  To each their own.  Not everyone celebrates Valentines Day.  It's not sacrilege.  I have some friends who don't like the commercialism.  I have some friends who are single and just broke up and they aren't happy.  I'm not defending anything because there is room for all different types of designs, I just found the outrage kind of over the top.  If you don't like them, you don't like them but disgusting.....

I did a different design on each nail so that you would have ideas and could also mix and match some of the ideas.  I actually go the 6 China Glaze crackle polishes from my nail place so I used them. I couldn't afford to get you guys the whole set right now but I did get you the black one. I will be posting the giveaway on Saturday, probably around lunch time.  So, stay tuned.


  1. Wow! People are actually offended by that?! That is ridiculous! I'm married and I don't celebrate it. My husband and I do not believe that we need a specific day to show each other our love, in fact we don't even celebrate our anniversary. Oh! and cute nails :)

  2. i really like this!

    and agree with anonymous, me and my boyfriend are the same!


  3. We don't really celebrate it here in Holland, but the last couple of years it is getting more commercial here. And I do love to sent my boyfriend a nice card or something. (do that often so also with V-day) I do have some Valentine ideas on my blog, because it is always fun to make love themed nails whether is V-day or just a normal day :) It can be for every kind of love, for you husband, boyfriend, children, girlfriend, pets or just love for nails and nailspolish ;)

    I love your creation!

  4. Nice idea! I don't really like the idea of Valentines day.. We don't celebrate it here in Denmark, but it has become very commercialised the last years.. And I don't really like that :)

    So thumbs up to your designs :D

  5. Thanks everyone! I get that not everyone is going to like my designs and that is fine. I do them as an expression not to please other people. Just thought that the reaction was a bit over the top lol. My zombie nails were disgusting lol but in a good horror way lol. Oh well. I'm off to take pictures of the goodies I got for you.

  6. I like this mani a lot. Its just a day that was probably invented by Halmark. I will do something around the day if I'm partnered, but its not a big deal like my partner's (or my) birthday. I think this rocks!

  7. I love Valentine's Day but this is such a cool idea I love the grudge- kinda look (: