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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine's Day mani

Hi everyone.  I received some goodies from Born Pretty (see coupon code on sidebar) to review. Did I even mention they do free shipping?  I chose the 24 Colors 2 way shine nail art nail polish liner set.  I was not disappointed.  Here is what I created with them as well as pictures of the product.  I quickly drew some hearts and added some red glitter on some.  It's not perfect but it was quick and easy using the tube side.  It gave me great control.

What is nice about these is that there is a thin tube on one side and if you unscrew the cap there is a regular brush.  The thin tube enables you to draw pretty easily.
As a reminder, you will get a discount using my code and also if 5 people order using my code, they will do a giveaway on the blog. 


  1. Awww, those are so sweet - like sweet tarts! :)

  2. hey baby girl u´ve been awarded by my with the Stilysh Blogger Award .. post the picture from my blog with this award on urs and follow the rules !!(clik right copy it to ur desktop and the post it on ur blog)

    Andreea (^_^)