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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Disney Villains Manicure

Hi All,

Sorry I've been gone for so long.  It's been a crazy few months.  I've lost 2 family members and a friend.  My aunt was killed in a car accident on Mother's Day.  So, just been having a lot of down time.  My family lives on the other coast so it's hard when you can't be around them at times like this. 

I tried distracting myself with a cartoon manicure which I started over the weekend.  I missed Orlica's Disney contest.  There were some great artists that submitted some wonderful designs.  I just got the dates mixed up and didn't make the deadline.  I decided to just have some fun anyway.  I forget how hard these are, you think it looks so good and then you take a picture and it exposes everything.  When it's on the nail you can't tell.  Oh well.  Here it is, let me know what you think.

First - Ursula from Little Mermaid
2nd - Evil Queen - Snow White

3rd - Mother Gothel - Tangled
4th - Maleficient - Sleeping Beauty
5th - Cruella - 101 Dalmations


  1. So sorry for your loss. Your nails are lovely, the details always amaze me given the area you have to work with.

  2. I am so sorry for everything you have to go through at this moment.
    But still i would like to say that you are the best, this manicure is so wonderfull with all the details!

  3. wishing you and your family all the strength to cope with this....

    girl, those villains look awesome!

  4. *hugs* I'm so sorry for your losses =(

    this nail look is so cool, great job!

  5. Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it!!!

  6. So sorry for your losses...

    Beautiful work as always! Such intricate detail. <3

  7. So sorry for your losses *hugs* You and your family will be in my thoughts.

    The nails are awesome.Your work is amazing.

  8. I'm so sorry about your family and friend! Your manicure is great; I love that you used a newer villain from Tangled, it was such a great movie.

  9. Thanks everyone! I haven't seen Tangled yet but it's on my list!!!

  10. Hang in there...praying for you & your loved ones...must be so hard...your nail art is gorgeous...glad you can find some solace...take care, hun. <3