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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bloody Halloween Nails

Ok, so I did these nails really quickly. I didn't clean up and then I took them off to work on my Nightmare Before Christmas Nails (coming soon).  So, excuse the mess.  Unfortunately, I didn't really check my pictures before I wiped it off and I didn't get very good ones.  But, at least it gives you an idea right?  I'm not usually so sloppy. I'll just blame it on the cold meds.  Hopefully by Thursday of next week, I will have the contest ready.  I honestly realized that the person mistakenly told me 12 polishes when there were more (although Snow already exists) so I was going to try and stop by there tomorrow and see if they had the extra ones. If not, oh well, you'll get most of them.


  1. these are cute and they look like they were fun to make!

  2. Cool! they remember me kinda pollock's dripping

  3. awesome
    i want to try to do those nails now!!

    I am doing a giveaway and if you have time you can enter!1

    have a mice day

  4. Those look so cool!
    How'd you do the eyes?
    Looks..Popping-outful. xD

  5. Thanks everyone! AnnKiins, I'm assuming you might have meant the zombies? If so, I either draw with a brush or a nailart pen and then add detail.